Identifying money laundering schemes in today’s world requires real expertise. LTS’s includes not only financial investigation experts with decade of experience building and prosecuting money-laundering cases, but also senior financial crime compliance expert who hails from some of the largest financial institutions in the world. We have spent our careers protecting financial institutions and corporations from the constant threat posed by money launderers. More than most, we truly understands criminals’ use of complex, offshore shell companies to conceal ownership. We have deep experience working in foreign jurisdictions while fully complying with local regulations to identify and uncover complex money-laundering schemes. Our unparalleled skillset effectively lends itself to both public and private sector clients, including law firms, seeking to quickly and holistically identify schemes in which they have been exposed to money launderers. Regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny of money laundering is at an all-time high, and the government expects companies and financial institutions to do everything possible to prevent their financial systems from being used to facilitate crime. However, the combination of the ease with which funds can be moved around the world and the lack of transparency into the true beneficial owners of bank accounts has created unprecedented challenges for companies to live up to today’s expectations.


Regulators across the globe have dramatically stepped up enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption regulations, and this trend is expected to continue. In this environment, international organizations, particularly those operating in high-risk countries and industries, must ensure that their anti-bribery and corruption compliance programs are comprehensive and effective. When developing a global compliance program, the ability to obtain timely and accurate business intelligence, on a global basis, has never been more important. Navigant applies deep, global investigative expertise to help clients identify and fully develop potential risks across a broad spectrum of business opportunities. We recognize that each potential business transaction, dispute or relationship represents unique risks and variables that require a tailored, strategic approach. Our solutions include: Bribery and Corruption Investigations Program Assessment with option for Ethisphere's Anti-Corruption Program Verification* Controls Review Policy & Procedure Development and Implementation Investigative Due Diligence Third-Party Risk Assessment Litigation Intelligence and Support Asset Tracing

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